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Donald Strachey with Timothy Calahan mystery novels and their creator Richard Stevenson

Don and Tim as seen on the Dust Jacket of Death Trick

  • 1981 --- Death Trick

  • 1984 --- On The Other Hand Death

  • 1986 --- Ice Blues

  • 1992 --- Third Man Out

  • 1995 --- Shock to the System

  • 1996 --- Chain of Fools

  • 1998 --- Strachey’s Folly

  • 2003 --- Tongue Tied

    About The Novels

    Donald Strachey is Albany's only gay Private Investigator. He operates out of his office on Central Avenue but lives in a small Federalst-style town house at 218 Crow street with his lover, Timothy Calahan. Timmy is a civil servant employed as legislative aide for a New York state senator. Donald characterizes him as a pragmatic but idealistically motivated social engineer. While each has his own career, Timmy is always ready to lend Don advice and assistance. Don's clients often feel that his sexual orientation gives him an edge when called upon to investigate matters that at least tangentially involve Albany's gay community.

    One exquisite joy in reading an exciting mystery is to discover that the author has written others. If you read one Richard Stevenson mystery, sooner or later you will want to savor them all. Don's family life with Timmy provides an overall continuity for the series but one need not read these mysteries in any particular order. Make no mistake about it. These books are excellent.

    Donald Strachey Movies

    Chad Allen has signed to do a series of up to seven movies based on the Donald Strachey novels by Richard Stevenson for HERE-TV. The first two (also available for purchase on DVD) are "Third Man Out" and "Shock to the System"

    In the photo below, Chad Allen, who plays Donald Strachey in the film series, is standing at the left, next to Richard Stevenson (Richard Lipez), author of the books in the Donald Strachey Mysteries series.

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