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At evening when the lamp is lit,
Around the fire my parents sit;
They sit at home and talk and sing,
and do not play at anything.

Now, with my little gun, I crawl
All in the dark along the wall,
And follow round the forrest track
Away behind the sofa back.

There, in the night, where none can spy,
All in my hunter's camp I lie,
And play at books that I have read
Till it is time to go to bed.

These are the hills, these are the woods,
These are my starry solitudes;
And there the river by whose brink
The roaring lions come to drink.

I see the others far away
As if in firelit camp they lay,
And I, like to an Indian scout,
Around their party prowled about.

So, when my nurse comes in for me,
Home I return from the sea,
And go to bed with backward looks
At my dear land of Story-books.

- Robert Louis Stevenson -

When I am ready to read a good mystery there is nothing like a warm, quiet comfortable room, plenty of time, and a blazing fire in the fireplace.

My Favorite Mysteries --- lists, excerpts, reviews, comments

SPECIAL NOTE: The mysteries listed below that have titles beginning with a single RED letter are those from which I have created crossword puzzles. I write crossword puzzles over mystery books to encourage careful attention to detail while reading. My crossword puzzles can be found in the Recreation Room of this site. Most of the puzzles on my crossword page are not mentioned here.

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