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Recreation Room Enjoy crossword puzzles over mystery books. Read a good mystery and test your attention to detail.

Observation Deck Here are mazes for download - simple, intermediate and advanced. They are fun for kids of all ages.

Pantry - What about public financing for elections? 2/3 of the public favors full public financing.

Reading Room My favorite mysteries are listed here - lists, excerpts, reviews, comments

The Foyer This house has mysteries and puzzles and games! Find the secret room.

Living Room Read humorous family anecdotes: The day I beat up Tommy Tucker - The day I burned down the field - Little Glenn gets a spanking!

Kitchen Check out recipes that are: tasty - low fat - nutritious - quickly prepared - healthful

Secret Room Sorry! You can't get to my secret room by just clicking here. Go to the foyer for instructions on how to find it. Good hunting!

Oratorio Selecciones desde El Libro de Oración Común.

Laundry Room Save bundles on clothing!

Amateur Radio Room Translate secret morse code selections - Foibles at a broadcast radio station - The crystal set - First experiment in electricity - A teenager's 1955 ham radio shack

Conservatory Comprehend the beliefs of a broadchurch Episcopalian.

Aunt Arline's Room Humorous family anecdotes: The drunken brother - Strange sculpture - The missing jello - Your reception committee

The Study The global village -- imagine the world proportionately reduced to a size of 100 people.

Paul Campbell's Room Retired from the Fort Worth public library - Former president of the Fort Worth Genealogy Society - Former columnist for Texas Kin

The Exercise Room What are the relative contributions of diet, exercise and medicine in the control of cholesterol? The importance of fat in the diet!

Attic Bedroom What they never told you in Sunday school.

The Chapel Every great house should have a chapel.

The Spanish Parlor Relive those adventurous times of my youth that I spent in Mexico.

Sala de Recibo Recuerdo los tiempos venturosos de mi juventud que pasé en Mexico.

The Dining Room Meet my pets! - Poodles Pinkston and Tory trick each other - Black lab, Al, terrorized by thunderstorm - Esmeralda the street cat makes good

Office Retired professor from DeVry University - A graduate of Purdue - A graduate of Southern Methodist University

The Study Is criminal justice criminal? - Who needs Public Broadcasting? - Medicines can kill you! And often do! - Too many people on our planet? - Who says taxes are too high? - Our war on drugs. - Why do some nations hate us?

The Work Room Mischief and teenaged pranks!

The Great Hall How to be true to the Bible and Say YES to same sex unions - The biography of saints Sergius and Bacchus - John Boswell; Ancient liturgies of gay marriage?

Katherine Campbell's Room of Bonham Texas

Observation Deck Play observation games - Enhance your powers of observation in the real world!

The Exercise Room The etiology of a stroke -- prevention, rehabilitation, cure. John suffered one in 1997. How is he doing? What is his prognosis?

John S. Morgan's Room A biographical sketch

Home Theatre PBS mysteries - Video favorites

Sauna Culture wars - Dialogue between a religious liberal and a conservative


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