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We may live without poetry, music, and art;
We may live without conscience and live without heart;
We may live without friends; we may live without books;
But civilized men cannot live without cooks.

He may live without books, -- what is knowledge but grieving?
He may live without hope, -- what is hope but deceiving?
He may live without love, -- what is passion but pining?
But where is the man that can live without dining?

- Owen Meredith -

When my dad was a teenager he worked in a bakery. He said that on Friday nights he swept the floor and on Saturday morning they sold Ginger Snaps. Think about it!

Kitchen Nostalgia

My Grandma, Agusta Morgan, packed lunches in her kitchen, each school day for her four children. My father was fourteen years old and my Aunt Arline was ten. She was a dainty child and weighed barely fifty pounds. Both received two sandwiches each day for lunch along with cookies and other tasties. They were pals and Aunt Arline would give my dad one of her sandwiches each day at lunch so that he could have three. One day my pop got an idea. He said to his little sister: "Have mom pack you an extra sandwich every day." So he could have four.

My grandma was suspicious but, nevertheless, packed an extra third sandwich for her frail daughter every school day.

On the next school holiday, she served lunch in her kitchen: two sandwiches for Warren and three for Arline. The results were as she suspected. Arline could only eat one. From that day forward there were only two sandwiches packed for each of her kids.

When my Aunt Arline lived and worked in Washington D. C. she had many friends from all over the world. When one of her friends from England was visiting, on a hot summer afternoon, she took her out to lunch. Along with her lunch, Arline ordered hot tea. Her Brittish friend looked puzzled and inquired: "How else would you have it?"

Vegetarian Cuisine

There are lot of good reasons for being a vegetarian.

Note: I would say that the ingredients in the typical Mediterranean diet should be our household dining staples:

  1. vegetables
  2. fruit
  3. fish
  4. olive oil - studies reveal highly monosaturated vegetable oils like olive & canola reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  5. legumes (peas & beans etc.)
  6. I would add nuts

Studies reveal that a traditional Mediterranean diet appears to lower the risk of dying from heart disease as well as the risk of dying from cancer.

Note: I would say that the follow should be VERY curtailed in our diet:

  1. partially hydrogenated ANYTHING - this crap is ubiquitous in prepared foods even most bread
  2. saturated fats - mostly derived from animals
  3. simple carbohydrates (like sugar) - ubiquitous in prepared foods

Pastries usually have large amounts of sugar and saturated fat. Sugar makes us fat and fat predisposes us to diabetes.

For my part I am vegetarian [or vegan] because it is the only known way to reverse coronary artery disease. For that reason, I eat no meat or animal products with the exception of small amounts of chicken meats as seasonings in soups, non-fat dried milk, and egg white. [Egg Beaters is an egg product made from egg whites] Since my stroke I have added fish [twice per week] to my diet. That makes me a pescovegetarian. Also be sure to shun saturated fats and partially hydrogenated anything but include monounsaturated fats in your diets.

Recipes From Our Kitchen

These are the criteria for my meal creations:

  1. The selection MUST taste good.
  2. The preparation must be fast.
  3. The selection must be healthy and nutritious.
  4. The selection must be substantial and filling.
  5. The costs should be kept to a minimum.
  6. Saturated fats should be curtailed.
  7. Partially hydrogenated ANYTHING must be avoided.


  1. Rice Meat-Deceit

    This dish is my best. The taste is unbelievably delicious. It is very inexpensive but takes a little more preparation than most of my recipes. I can't believe how much I crave this simple dish. Meat eaters report that this is an excellent dish.

    One cup of dry Rice
    One box of Premier Harvest Meatless Taco Meal Kit*
    Two cans of Creme of Asparagus Soup
    1/3 can of Corn
    Procedure: Prepare rice and meatless taco according to directions. Add about eight tablespoons of canola oil to the meatless taco. Combine the two and add the corn. I substitute soy milk in making the asparagus soup. The soup is to be used as a sauce. Makes about 2 1/2 quarts to serve four comfortably.

    * This is somewhat hard to find. Try http://www.premierharvest.com to locate a store near you.

  2. Salmon Cold Plate

    Can of Salmon
    Can of Green Beans
    Can of White Hominy
    Procedure: Chill salmon in refrigerator. Mix green beans and hominy and chill in refrigerator. [delicious, wholesome, visually appealing, low calorie, nutritious, filling, very easy preparation]

  3. Spagetti with Imitation Crab Meat

    Thin Spaghetti also called vermicelli [about 100 pieces, 10" long]
    Imitation Crab Meat - found in all grocery stores
    Pasta Sauce Mix [Knorr has one.]
    Olive Oil
    Procedure: Microwave spaghetti for 10 minutes in 3 cups of lightly covered water; drain. Add chunks of refrigerated imitation crab meat. Prepare the sauce according to the directions on the packet - or if you are in a hurry just sprinkle the Pesto from the packet over the spagetti along with a little olive oil. [This is a large portion. If you have no one to share it with, be sure there is room in the frig.] You might try the recipe with whole grain spagetti. It is more healthful but not as tasty.

  4. Corn Chicken Rice chowder

    Healthy Choice Chicken with rice [standard size 15oz. can]
    Whole Kernel Corn [small size 9oz. Can]
    Procedure: Drain corn; mix; microwave for 3 minutes.

  5. Fruit Whip Luncheon

    Apple, Orange
    CoolWhip Free
    Procedure: Cut each piece of fruit in half several times until you end up with about eight wedges of each. Arrange the pieces around the periphery of a plate with a generous portion of CoolWhip dip in the center; eat with fingers.

  6. Lima Veggie Lunch

    Healthy Choice Country Vegetable Soup [standard size 15oz. can]
    Lima Beans [small size 9oz. Can]
    Procedure: Drain lima beans; mix; microwave for 3 minutes.

  7. Tomato Garden Sampler

    Healthy Choice Tomato Garden Soup [standard size 15oz. can]
    Stewed Tomatoes [small size 9oz. Can]
    Package of Melba Toast [or Crackers]
    Procedure: Drain [optional] stewed tomatoes; mix; microwave for 3 minutes.

  8. Alfredocelli

    Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo with Pasta [standard 15oz. Can]
    Thin Spaghetti also called vermicelli [about 100 pieces, 10" long]
    Procedure: Microwave spaghetti for 10 minutes in 3 cups of lightly covered water; drain, add to soup and microwave for 3 minutes. [This is a large portion. If you have no one to share it with, be sure there is room in the frig.]

  9. Chicken Pasta Veggie Brew

    Healthy Choice Cream of Chicken with Vegetables [standard 15oz. Can]
    Elbow or Shell Pasta or Macaroni [about cup when dry]
    Procedure: Microwave pasta for 10 minutes in 2 cups of lightly covered water; drain, add to soup and microwave for 3 minutes.

  10. Tuna Heaven

    Two pieces of Bread [preferably Rye or Whole Wheat]
    Chunk White Tuna Fish [very small, 3 oz. can]
    Mayonnaise, Mustard
    Procedure: Mix Tuna Fish with a small amount of Mayonnaise; spread small amount of mustard on bread. Make a sandwich with the ingredients and quarter it. You may wish to serve your sandwich on a plate with dill or sweet pickles.

  11. Hearty Healthy Breakfast

    Egg Beaters [Egg Substitute]
    Breakfast Links [Sausage Substitute] or Breakfast Strips {Bacon Substitute]
    Non-fat cheese slice?
    Toast & Jelly
    Procedure: Follow directions on packages for a fine breakfast. SPECIAL NOTE: And here is my original secret recepie. Just mix a slice of non-fat cheese with the egg beater when cooking is very nearly done. The Egg Beater is made chiefly from the white of eggs; the cheese will taste just like an egg yolk. You will think you are eating real scrambled egg.

  12. Cereal and Fruit

    Cereal [Grapenuts and Shredred Wheat are very nutritious.]
    Milk [I once used nonfat dry milk - one pack to the quart. But soy milk is a much better idea. Most grocery stores have it in cartons.]
    Procedure: Cereal and milk should occupy about half the bowl leaving lots of room for banana slices cut croswise. Makes for a great and filling breakfast.

  13. Flavorfull, Hearty Stew serves four

    One 10 3/4 oz. can of Healty Choice brand condensed soup recipe creations Tomato with Garden Herbs
    2 medium turnips
    3 medium white potatoes
    1 large onion
    chicken broth
    garlic; salt; pepper
    Chicken Breast Strips 6 oz [I use Louis Rich boneless-skinless package]
    Procedure: Cut vegetables add enough chicken broth to cover; add the meat if you have meat eaters. Season with the garlic to taste. I use an electric slow cooker but the stew can be boiled on a stove. This recipe can be varied a lot by selecting alternate fresh vegetables. Good for hearty fall meal.

  14. Microwave Stir Fry serves in proportion to the amount of ingredients used

    Green/Red Peppers
    Yellow Squash
    Zucinni Squash
    Green Beans
    Peanuts and/or Chicken Breast Strips 6 oz [I use Louis Rich boneless-skinless package]
    Generous amounts of Canola Oil
    garlic; salt; pepper
    Procedure: Cut vegetables; add the meat if you have meat eaters. Season with salt and pepper and add garlic to taste. Microwave for about ten minutes. [fresh green beans should be pre cooked about 4 to 6 minutes.] Good for hearty spring/summer meal.

  15. Microwave Vegetable - Pasta Stir Fry serves in proportion to the amount of ingredients used

    The ingredients are the same as in #11 but mix in cooked pasta of any kind!

  16. Fabulous Barley Stew serves four amply.

    Extremely inexpensive yet delicious and filling.
    [Barley is easy to burn but not so in a slow cooker.]

    One cup of Barlery
    2 Onions
    1 standard can of Butter Beans
    1 standard can of Hominy
    1 standard can of chicken broth
    garlic; salt; pepper
    Chicken Breast Strips 6 oz [I use Louis Rich boneless-skinless package]
    Procedure: Put nearly one cup of dry Barley in an electric electric slow cooker and cover amply with water. Add two diced onions. Cook on low for three to four hours. Add the cans of Butter Beans and Hominy including their broth; Add chicken broth, season, and cook high for two hours. Add the meat if you have meat eaters. Good for a hearty fall meal.


  1. Chik Nuggets [shown in the photo] made by Morningstar Farms. This is my favorite because it tastes more like chicken [the real thing] than any other meat substitute.
    Procedure: Microwave three for one miute.

  2. Catfish Nuggets [Use real fish.] -- Arline Morgan's Special Recipe --
    Procedure: Purchase catfish nuggets. They are usually cheaper than fillets. Roll each in bread crumbs; sprinkle basil, parsley, and pepper over each. A thin slice of butter can be added to the top of each. Bake for 20 minutes at 500 degrees.

  3. Salmon Patties -- Arline Morgan's Special Recipe --

    Can Pink Salmon about 15 oz. [Honey Boy is a good brand]
    One Egg Beater [or egg]
    Bread Crumbs
    Cream of Celery Soup - Optional [Campbell's is good]
    Procedure: Form five patties by mixing Salmon, Egg Substitute, and just enough bread crumbs to hold the pattie together! [My Aunt suggests that you remove the excess skin and bones from the Canned Salmon first -- our dogs love the scraps] Lightly fry in Canola Oil till slightly brown! The Cream of Celery - not diluted with water -- makes a good sauce.


  1. Jello & Fruit -- Arline Morgan's Special Recipe --

    Diet Cherry Jell-O [one pack]
    Can or Jar of Cherries
    Procedure: Prepare Jell-O according to directions on pack; before mixture has congealed [about 1 hour] stir in cherries. Let mixture continue to cool. Can be served as desert, salad, or side dish.

    Mini Banana Split

    Low Fat Yogurt
    Chocolate Syrup
    Procedure: Strip & section Banana and add chocolate or syrup.

    Soy Delicious

    This is a commercial product that I pick up from Kroger. It tastes just like ice cream but has no saturated fat and only 13 grams of sugar. It is a soy based product. I love Soy Delicious in chocolate.

    Special Note: When it comes to a comercial ice cream substitute that tastes great, I also recommend Braum's Fat Free Frozen Yogurt Brownie Fudge Sunday; no sugar is added since they use Nutra Sweet.


  1. Microwave Potato & Cheese Meld

    A white potato and a slice of fat free cheese is incredibly healthy, filling and quick and easy to prepare. The cheese obviates any need for caloric and nutritionally unsound additives. Potatoes only become excessively caloric when mixed with sour cream, butter or margarine. Butter adds loads of saturated fat. Margarine adds loads of trans fats. Nonfat cheese tastes just like regular cheese.
    Procedure: Microwave a white potato for 3 to 5 minutes depending on size; section it with a knife and lay a slice of nonfat cheese on it; microwave again for only 20 seconds.

  2. Pop Corn

    Popping Corn & PAM & hot air popper - Can substitute for full meal or for while you watch a movie.
    Procedure This proceedure will obviate globs of saturated fats and partially saturated oil. SPECIAL NOTE: And here is my original secret recepie. As the popcorn comes out of the popper spray it from time to time with a little PAM. This will give it a mild buttery taste without adding butter. Only a very thin film of PAM is evenly dispersed across the popcorn.

  3. Unshelled Peanuts

    Unshelled Peanuts Can be eaten with meals as source of vegetable [unsaturated] fat.
    Procedure: Shell & eat 10 to 15 peanuts. [Shelling your own reduces your tendency to over-eat.]

  4. No Fuss Corn on the Cob

    Ears of Corn
    Procedure: Put the corn in the microwave without shucking. Microwave three minutes per ear. Hold the very hot corn under cold running water while shucking off the tassels and leaves. Your hands will not burn but as soon as you finish, the corn will still be very hot since the heat will continue to radiate out of the hot cob.
    Note: Utilize Fleischmann's Fat Free for your spread [it tastes very much like butter] and your snack will total 88 calories for a medium ear.

  5. Whole Onion Snack

    Onion [Yellow or black]
    Salt & Pepper
    Rye Bread
    Procedure: Snip off the ends of an onion with a knife. Microwave the onion in an enclosed container for 5 minutes. Cooking removes the hot taste of an onion and renders it delicious. Serve with slice of dry rye bread! Tasty! Delicious! Different! [May be used as a side dish at mealtime.]

  6. Special Comments:

    Don't forget the vegetarian wieners and sausages [no pig snouts here.] -- They make great hot dogs and sandwiches! Vegetarian wieners taste almost like beef or turkey wieners but have little to no fats!

    Try using soy milk. I think it is FAR healthier than cow milk. It works very well on cereal. If you mix it with cholocate syrup it especially tastes great - hot or cold. If you mix it with caramel syrup and chill it you will find that it tastes like egg nog.

    Nuts and peanuts are a good source of monounsaturated fats. Overall they are highly caloric. In moderation, I think they are important for healthy living. I include some each day.

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