Heterosexual Questionnaire

1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

2. When and how did you first decide that you were a heterosexual?

3. Is it possible your heterosexuality is just a phase you might grow out of?

4. Is it possible your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?

5. If youíve never slept with a person of the same sex, is it possible that all you need is a good lesbian/gay lover?

6. Why do you insist on flaunting your heterosexuality? Canít you just be what you are and keep it quiet?

7. Why do you heterosexuals feel compelled to seduce others into your life style?

8. To whom have you disclosed your heterosexual tendencies? How did they react?

9. Would you want your children to be heterosexual, knowing the problems they might face?

10. A disproportionate majority of child molesters are heterosexual. Do you consider it safe to expose your children to heterosexual teachers?

11. With all the societal support marriage receives, the divorce rate is spiraling. Why are there so few stable relationships among heterosexuals?

12. Why do heterosexuals place so much emphasis on sex?

13. Considering the menace of overpopulation, how could the human race survive if everyone were heterosexual?

14. Could you trust a heterosexual therapist to be objective?

15. How can you become a whole person if you limit yourself to compulsive, exclusive heterosexuality, and fail to develop your natural, healthy homosexual potential?

16. There seem to be very few happy heterosexuals. Techniques have been developed that might enable you to change if you really want to. Have you considered trying aversion therapy?