The Sculpture Gallery - A John S. Morgan Retrospective

"The autonomy of the artist may no longer be sought in an alleged inner source that is in need of protection against contamination. Rather it consists of the capacity to critically handle heterogeneous mediations and the corresponding (sub)cultural visual idioms in an original way." Petran Kockelkoren

"The critique of specific forms of technoesis can assume a variety of forms. Pseudomorphs must be unmasked as concretions of new technologies in an inappropriate visual language of outdated technologies, and the semiotic error must be combatted as the subjection of new, mediated forms of perception to already existing linguistic tropes or visual cliches." Petran Kockelkoren

"Besides the risk of lapsing into pseudomorphs, there is the danger of getting lost in purely semiotic approaches to the interface between technology and corporeality." Petran Kockelkoren
"At any rate, the evocation of an ex-centricity that coincides with itself is not medium-specific....The work of art domesticates technology by revealing mediation as mediation, but in doing so it sometimes generates images and metaphors that can overflow the banks of the mediations in question. In that case they acquire a much wider, almost transhistorical validity." Petran Kockelkoren