The Abstract Expressionist Gallery - A John S. Morgan Retrospective

Bold brush strokes and vivid coloration characterize John S. Morgan's abstractions of the 1950's. Psychic automatism where one's own being is revealed allows the artist to explore unknown possibilities.

To observe the subtleties inherent in this series click on a title below.

Lobster Tetrad, 1951
Indian Rhythm, 1952
Emperor's Clothes, 1957
Electric Green on Blue, 1958

John S. Morgan's Rothcorn series is denoted for its crisp rectangles of color. Each in the series shows three sharply delineated rectangles of color - one on top of the other. The symmetrical arrangement set within the margins of the canvas serves to complement the lack of tension generated by the forms' definite boundaries and relationships of space imbuing the works with serenity.

To observe the subtleties inherent in this series click on a title below.

Rothcorn-Alpha, 1953
Rothcorn-Beta, 1954
Rothcorn-Gamma, 1955
Rothcorn-Delta, 1956

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Two complementary abstract series by John S. Morgan on war can be viewed in this gallery. His Other Than Well series of the early 1950s represents a critique of warfare. His Elegion series of the late 1950s is best understood as a elegy about the first world war.

Other Than Well, 1952-1954
Elegion, 1957-1959