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1 finger ___; "They used to have them in the olden days."

4 The Title of the Book

6 It rattled suddenly in vicious, wildy spinning circles.

7 Maude was scheduled to be at a ___ seminar.

8 This large object of decorative cast iron was mentioned frequently throughout the story.

10 "I am the song you hear before you ___."

12 ___ Jacklin

13 Genevieve ___

14 Outside could be heard ___.

15 Patricia ___

16 Aunt was writing not a history book but a ___ novel.


1 Miggs was upstairs reading in the ___ room.

2 The chopping sound was that of ___.

3 The plan was to have a ___ that evening.

4 She always wanted to be first in everything - the train, the kiosk queue.

5 A ___ was found at the foot of the stairs.

7 The elderly woman was finally taken to a ___.

11 Her spirit guide.

12 ___ Griffiths


Questions for discussion:

  1. Kirsty and Genevieve thought that the aunt would be unaware that they had spent the night at her house. Why was that an unrealistic expectation?
  2. Certain words like rattled, vicious, and wild help the author achieve an atmosphere of suspense. Can you think of others that were used?
  3. Was Darcy mistreated? If so how?
  4. Patricia thought that Kirsty would never do anything constructive for anyone. What were her evidences for this observation?
  5. At the end of the story, Miggs says: "I donít have to rely on them any more. I can manage quite well on my own." Experience is often the best teacher. What experiences gave rise to her independence?
  6. List a few examples that show substantial moral character development in Patricia Tait.
  7. Can you think of any times in your own life where fears of being unaccepted by a group led you to abandon one or more of your own moral principles?
  8. Patricia reflected, "Rejects, thatís us. And itís so pointless, feeling hurt by rejection when the group youíre trying to join isnít even worth the effortÖ" Can you list a few ways how you make yourself a contributing and constructive and worthy member of the groups you join?
  9. If you were very ill with the flu and needed one of these youngsters to stay the night with you, which would you choose? Why?

1 bowls; blue - 2 wood - 3 party - 4 games; Genevieve - 5 candle - 6 doorknob - 7 history; hospital - 8 veranda - 9 staircase - 10 sleep - 11 Lotus - 12 Dorthea; Darcy - 13 Tait - 14 rain - 15 Miggs - 16 mystery